Telehealth Care for Healthy Living - Making House Calls Affordable using Everyday Technology

Welcome to Excellere, your provider of low-cost, high-impact supplements to standardized healthcare. We offer individuals, college students and employers a tremendous solution for practical health consultations, 24 hours a day. We make use of everyday technologies (telephones, smartphones, tablets and computers) over secure channels of communication to provide what’s known as “telehealth” (a.k.a. “telemedicine”) remote consultations.

Learn more about how telemedicine works through this brief introduction to Call-A-Doctor Plus

With telehealth, you get fast phone or online access to a live doctor right in your state (generally in a matter of minutes), with no per-incident cost! Technologies such as easy video conferencing right from a smartphone enable you, your college students, or your employees to receive affordable, accurate diagnoses for many common healthcare issues with a comfort and convenience remniscent of how old fashioned house calls used to work. And because we connect you with an in-state medical doctor who is able to prescribe medicine to your own neighborhood pharmacy, our unique service enables many healthcare problems to be treated without the time, inconvenience or cost of a traditional doctor’s office appointment.

Anytime-health services that build peace of mind, have zero per-use cost, and which make it easy to “see” a doctor! This is Excellere’s telehealth. Excellent options for healthier living.